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  • Alan is a fantastic realtor that I would absolutely recommend. He's professional, communicative and is very knowledgeable regarding the area that he covers. He helped me submit very strong offers and gave me great suggestions at what I could do to enhance my offer in such a competitive market. Alan was on top of everything every step of the way from when I got my offer accepted to close of escrow. I have a busy work schedule so I really appreciated Alan's efficiency and experience.
    Kim L.
  • I had awesome home buying experience early this month with Alan Austin from Market group reality. I just opened an Yelp account to write this well deserved review about Alan, who made my most expensive purchase easy and smooth. Alan is superbly knowledgeble, very friendly and thoroughly professional. As a first time home buyer, my wife and I had lots of questions which he patiently answered 24x7 basis until the escrow closed. He not only brought on board one of the best home inspector but also coordinated few other inspections when we were out of town. He was pretty much top of everything for all the deadlines, bringing down the selling price significantly with step by step negotiation and a smooth closing right on time. I think Alan and his team (Alex) made our home buying process super easy and satisfied, the best decision i made besides choosing the right house. I will not think twice to recommend him to any of my friends to buy or sell home in future.
    Devrishi G.
  • Being a first time home buyer I was super scared!  I am so thankful to have had Alan to guide me along the way.  He never made me feel like I asked too many questions or that they were stupid.  I felt like he had my best interests at heart.  I started to work with some other agents and they made me feel like I wasn't buying an expensive enough place for them to really put in much effort.  I am not paid by Yelp, I truly just purchased my first condo and Alan was my agent, who I highly recommend.
    Cori E.
  • Alan was very knowledgeable and professional. He made himself completely available to us throughout the process and gave us sound advice that resulted in a very successful sale.  We would very highly recommend Alan.
    David L. and Margaret J.
  • "I was selling a condo in the Venice/Marina Del Rey area.  I found Alan on Yelp due to their great reviews and narrowed it down to two realtors.  Well I decided to go with Alan and I sold the condo and was very pleased at the outcome.  I could not have been happier with Alan. He was attentive and knowledgeable. He constantly updated me and was on top of every stage in the sale and escrow process.  Having sold a house a few years back I can say he did everything a full price broker would have and more.  I vouch for Alan."
    Jason S.
  • "As a first time home buyer I was very impressed with the service from Alan and Hugh. My initial purchase offer for a town home fell through as the seller backed out at the last minute. Alan and Hugh were great in providing me with my options on how to proceed. They went the extra mile to communicate with the seller’s agent and to get me legal advise. I learned quite a bit during this process. Luckily, I found my first dream house in the meantime. I can’t thank them enough for doing an exceptional job on helping me purchase my first home with much ease. Escrow closed in less than 25 days! That to me was amazing especially in these days when escrow can be prolonged. They went the extra mile to facilitate and push the process between my lender and escrow. I am extremely happy with the outcome and I can not thank the both of them enough for making this a smooth and faster process than I expected. I will certainly do my next home purchase with them and give them my highest recommendation without reservation!"
    Seksan S.
  • One of the best decisions I made when recently buying my home was using Alan.  Alan was so professional and did an amazing job in keeping everything and the seller in line and on schedule. I can't recommend Alan any more.  He did an amazing job!
    Seth C.
  • "First time home buyers here who were lucky enough to work with Alan from One Percent Broker. We used the 50/50 option (will explain what this is later) and SAVED ourselves some hard-earned money while getting GREAT service at the SAME TIME.  Who said there’s no free lunch to be had? - 50/50: What we used. Essentially the buyer’s commission is split with you. This is similar to what Redfin does, except this is MUCH MUCH MUCH better. You get a very capable and personal broker, whereas at Redfin, you get a capable agent to help you with the offer, but the most of the time, it’s some other junior agent showing you the home. You find homes you want to see on a website, and he/she will organize seeing the home with you, offering advise during the showing, etc, everything an ordinary broker will do. Alan helped us put together a strong offer, navigate a complex escrow process involving 2 appraisals. He worked with the listing agent and lending broker to dispute our first very low-ball appraisal. PERSONAL service and LOWER costs all in one. This truly is the next evolution of real estate biz made possible by technology."
    Si Yang N.
  • "My husband and I moved to LA a few months ago and we wanted to buy a condo on the westside. After interviewing a few agents, we selected Alan as our buyer’s agent. Alan helped us navigate through the whole process from viewing to closing. He was extremely responsive to our questions and concerns, and always answered our calls and emails promptly. LA’s housing market seems to turn into a very competitive seller’s market in recent months, but we were able to get a spacious condo in our desired neighborhood at a very reasonable price. The rebate was also straightforward and really helped a lot with the closing cost. We will certainly recommend Alan highly to our friends."
    Sarah L.
  • Alan was our agent when buying our first home. He was very nice, knowledgeable, and patient. He answered all of our questions in a timely manner and was always available to meet or talk, even late at night or early in the morning. We felt confident with our real estate transaction when dealing with Alan. Thanks again for all the help!
    Nathalie B. and Laurent C.
  • Alan made my wife and I feel like we were in great hands throughout the whole process. His professionalism, experience and quick (if not immediate) reply times set the bar far higher than any other Realtors we've talk to over the last few years.
    Ben B.
  • "We used Alan as our broker to sell our Santa Monica townhouse and were very happy with the process and the results. We thought picking a realtor would be a difficult decision. How do you really know who is best? We talked with four agents. All offered the same services, but Alans commission was less than what the others wanted. Also the others came across as a way too full of their own self importance. Not Alan. He seemed a genuine guy who we both felt we could trust. So picking Alan was an easy decision. As it turned out it was also a good decision. We never at any time felt he was putting his interests above ours. At all times he acted professionally and he clearly understands the real estate business. We ended up getting 10% more for our unit than an equivalent unit in our building had sold for only 3 months earlier, and also paid a lower commission. We would definitely use Alan again if we ever needed to sell another property."
    David L. and Margaret J.
  • "I had just moved to the LA area and my husband was going to be joining me in six months. We had initially planned on renting but with the low rates, we decided it made sense to buy. Being a first timer in LA, I decided to turn to Yelp to find a broker and I'm so glad I did - we feel truly lucky to have found Alan. Alan is a consummate professional with a deep understanding of how the LA real estate market works, and his years of experience really pays off for the buyer. We had found a place that we liked and the buyer had accepted our offer. However, Alan urged us to add a Sewer Line Inspection to make sure we wouldn't be surprised with any unexpected costs in the future. During the sewer scope, the plumbing professional found damages adding up to $25,000! We were able to get out of the deal and Alan saved us from years of future regret. The next home we found was our dream home and Alan worked with us closely to put together a competitive offer. Since my husband and I were in two different locations, Alan was always available for countless three-way conference calls to answer all of our questions and help us make informed decisions every step of the way. Alan fought for us to the very end, making sure the seller upheld their end of the deal. We highly recommend Alan. LA is a tricky place to buy and you need somebody who's intelligent, experienced, and easy to work with and Alan is all that and more."
    Mouzam M.
  • "Thank you Alan for the commitment you made to helping us through 3 short sales. It was emotionally draining to realize we had to let go of 3 rental properties. We also knew that short sale listings could be challenging for the agent. We were glad you accepted our project. We never got to meet you in person but what we could count on was the fact that you always called when you said you would and followed through with every aspect of each deal. You continued to support us as well as deal with the lenders. You made this process as easy as it could be for us. Even when the other buyer needed extra attention you made sure that our deal went through by offering assistance when you could. It can be challenging when you can’t meet in person and all you have to go on is emails and phone calls. You assured us along the way that everything would work out and it did."
    Chris and Lana Somers
  • "I would like to thank you very much for all your help during the short-sale of my condo. You were very knowledgeable with all the forms needed to get an approval from the bank. Thank you to your constant following up with the Negotiator we were able to close the deal on a timely manner. I highly recommend your services."
    Gabriela Bauer
  • Alan is outstanding. He is knowledgeable and experienced, and he knows how to handle a transaction in a way that's smooth and that gets the most for his client. Alan's analysis of the market conditions in my area and his valuation of my property proved to be more accurate than those from other brokers who work exclusively in my neighborhood. He is a star!
    Ali S.
  • "I primarily worked with Alan and he was absolutely amazing. He was always available to take my call, and was extremely attentive. This was my first home buying experience so I had tons of questions, all of which Alan was able to answer. They are true experts in this process and I felt very well taken care of. Buying my home was a painless process, they took care of everything!!! I have already referred all my friends to Hugh and Alan and will be using them as my real estate agents for any future needs. Hugh and Alan – thank you so very much for being so wonderful!!! If you are considering working with Hugh and Alan in buying your home, I would strongly urge you to do so!! They were so amazing in helping me buy a home! I worked with a couple other real estate agents before and Hugh and Alan provided me with far superior service."
    Allison C.
  • Working with Alan was one of the best decisions we made when we started the home search process. His advice was indispensable and he's an absolute pleasure to work with.
    Brent Y. and Mouzam M.
  • We chose Alan as the agent for our purchase because of the wonderful experience we had with him on our previous sale. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. We would not hesitate to recommend his services.
    David L. and Margaret J.
  • "Alan is a fabulous professional, responsive, experienced, motivated and collaborative agent!  You couldn't ask for more!  I was fortunate to have him help us in finding our first home and we couldn't be more pleased. Buying a house can get frustrating, overwhelming and confusing.  Finding the right agent is the key!  My husband and I recommended him to a couple good friends of ours already, and will continue to do so to family and friends we know who want to buy a home in the LA area. Alan is extremely knowledgeable and patient.  I remember the first time we met him we were already impressed with his positive attitude, care, and great energy.  We had so many questions to ask him and we wanted to know the whole process at once.  He was very patient in answering all of our questions. I learned so much from him, he took the time to explain and guide us through each step.  He has been with us through every step of this process.  He also helped us with contact information for mortgage brokers to inspectors and beyond.  Alan made the process very clear and easy.  All the paper work can be done by DocuSign on the net which is very convenient.  When you are not around your computer you can sign it on your smart phone.  Alan always made sure we understood each document and were comfortable with the next step before we sign them. When we found the house that we absolutely love, he helped us put down the offer right on that day even though it was weekend!  The offer package is clearer and convincing. We closed a few weeks ago!  But Alan continued to answer questions and kept in touch to make sure all is well.  I cannot say enough good things about him! Trust me, once you meet him you will know what I'm talking about."
    Sharlene L.
  • Alan was excellent to work with and he made the home buying experience seemless and enjoyable. Alan was always available when we had questions and was knowledgable about the process. We had a complicated process where the seller was at times uncooperative and Alan helped us navigate through it all. We would recommend Alan without hesitation to anyone looking to buy a home in the Los Angeles area.
    Michael M. and Maria A.
  • This review is truly long overdue. I had the pleasure of working with Alan in late 2012 during the purchase of my first home. I'd probably gone through 2 or 3 real estate agents prior to working with Alan and found them to be pretty much useless from a home "search" standpoint. I would routinely be the one finding (i.e. Redfin, Trulia, Zillow, MLS, etc.) and suggesting homes for them to take me to and thought "...isn't this your job"...I mean that's why am I paying you 3% or so right? Luckily Yelp came through...and I was immediately connected with Alan who was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the process. I really appreciated his laid back approach and truly felt that he had my best interests in mind. The service level and thoughtfulness of Alan made my home buying experience pretty much painless (minus the stress of realizing "I'M ACTUALLY BUYING A HOME"...aka BIGGEST purchase of my life stress that was going through my head). So thank you Alan. If everything I've written hasn't made it WANT to work with these guys if you are thinking or are in the process of buying a home. Needless to say, if I'm buying or selling a home in the near future I'm definitely going to give Alan a call.
    Steven T.
  • "My wife Mary and I are extremely pleased to provide you this letter of recommendation. To potential clients, here is a snap shot of our experience working with Alan Austin, which demonstrates why he can provide you Real Estate services that WILL exceed your expectations. In May of 2010, we moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to S. California where I accepted the CEO position for a technology company. Our plan was to find a home to rent for a year so we could make a better buying decision. We had little time when we contacted Alan. Within two short weeks, Alan prepared a plan and arranged viewings for our house-hunting trip to the West Coast. Making a long story short, Alan secured the perfect place for us during our trip … which required Alan physically going to the property, ringing the doorbell, and convincing the homeowner to let us view his property! Nine months later, we started our house purchasing process. Alan provided us perfect guidance the entire way … driving over 100 miles round trip each time we had home viewings. Upon locating a property of our choice (a ranch in Moorpark) Alan provided exceptional advise from the initial offer, counter offers, home inspection, insurance, electrical inspections, title, banking, and closing. This complicated purchase happened in record time with zero issues. Alan not only made it possible for us to close on time but he saved us 10’s of thousands of dollars in the process!"
    Patrick and Mary Schultz
  • "I highly recommend Alan Austin for your real estate needs.  Communication is of the utmost importance to me and Alan is one who is spot-on keeping in touch. I had a Trust sale which can make things tricky however, Alan is very experienced and has a keen out for potential problems.  As a result, our sale was smooth and absolutely flawless.  Initially Alan gave me a couple of suggestions to help "spruce up the place" and all of his ideas were easy to accomplish and made a big difference.  A strong offer came in for our Sherman Oaks property within two days and Alan's expertise really shined.  His negotiation skills are top-notch; escrow closed within weeks and could not have been any smoother.  Alan Austin is professional, conscientious, experienced, and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him without hesitation and will use his services again in the future!"
    Christine J.
  • I've purchased and sold properties for the past 10 years. I have never worked with a realtor as trustworthy as Alan. He has consistently advocated for what's best for me, his client. A rare combination of creativity, honesty, patience and assertiveness.
    Mark A.
  • Alan was great. As first time home buyers navigating the crazy LA market, we needed a lot of help, which Alan very capably handled. Highly recommend!
    Felicia and Sam G.
  • "We found our dream home quickly and easily because of Alan’s experience and dedication to his Clients.  As first time home buyers, we didn’t know much about the process, and Alan made it so easy and stayed on top of everyone involved to ensure we closed on our preferred date, less than a month from originally viewing the home.   There was even extra work involved as my Husband was out of town the entire month we closed and we had to arrange lots of signatures, etc with FedEx!   I’m not sure if he ever sleeps, as he would call at 9am on Sunday morning, and then follow up at 9pm the same night to make sure we had everything we needed to stay no schedule.  I had no idea so much went into the purchase of a home, but he made it as easy as possible When my Husband wanted to expand our search from the Westside to Sherman Oaks, it was Alan’s reaction to the photos that got me excited.  It was the 1st house we saw in that area, and I was hesitant to jump in having nothing to compare it to.  Alan seemed shocked (in a good way) at the price and location, and we put in an offer.  He gave great advise on our counter offer, while still keeping it within our comfort level, and working on a tight deadline of a few hours. We moved in about 2 weeks ago, and haven’t seen anything in our price range since, and our appraisal came in above what we paid.  We have been so lucky to benefit in such a huge way from Alan’s experience, knowledge and enthusiasm.  I would recommend Alan Austin 100% of the time, and will definitely use him again in the very distant future."
    Michelle W.
  • "Thank you so much Alan for helping us purchase our beautiful home in Redondo Beach. As first time homebuyers, and with our busy work schedules, it was very important for us to know that we had someone with both knowledge and who we could trust to help us through the purchase process.  From negotiations to closing, you were there for us through every step of the process.  You were always available to answer any questions that we had, and we never felt any pressure from you.  In addition, you helped us find a property in a fantastic location and of great value.  Our family will enjoy our new home for many years to come! Thanks again!"
    Claudio and Brigitte Meier
  • My experience with Alan was seamless. He handled the process fluidly. My property ended up selling for almost nine percent over the asking price. The way in which he received the initial offers and then countered each one was graceful and polite, and, ultimately, resulted in my property being purchased for what the market was willing. Aside from all of that, he was easy to communicate with and had attention to all details. His performance is what I would expect from someone who is at the top of his game. I was lucky to have him.
    John K.
  • Alan Austin was detailed and skilled. He was very professional and did a first rate job selling my home. He will always be my real estate agent.
    Jason S.